Dear Neighbors of Anoka County District 3

It has been my privilege to serve as your county commissioner the past several years; and, I am once again seeking your support. My priorities continue to include fiscal responsibility, limited government and creating a climate in which business can flourish.

Under my leadership, the county board has reduced spending and implemented cost saving measures. As a result, we have had some of the lowest taxes in the state while at the same time reducing our debt by approximately $50 million. This decision has saved the residents and businesses of Anoka County millions of dollars. Today, our levy is nearly what it was in 2010. Due to fiscally responsible management, Anoka County has continued to provide quality services in a cost-effective manner.

I am thankful for the trust the citizens of this district have put in me. With your support, I will work to protect our pocketbook, our individual freedoms and our quality of life.

I respectfully ask for your vote on November 8, 2016.

Robyn West