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  • Highway 65 Commuter Coach Bus Transit Service has been implemented at Ulysses and Paul Pkwy, improving transit service by reducing congestion on TH 65 for residents of Blaine and northern Anoka County
  • Completed the Armstrong Blvd overpass in the city of Ramsey,  alleviating some of the congestion on Highway 10
  • Advocating for a four-lane bridge replacement at Highway 97 over Interstate 35
  • Working with the 35W Coalition for an additional lane on Interstate 35W from 694 to Lino Lakes. Construction anticipated in 2018
  • Completed reconstruction of University Ave
  • Completed construction on County Road 14

Anoka County Highway Department

Financial Responsibility

  • Created an asset reserve fund for the first time in Anoka County history. This allows the county to continue to responsibly maintain our  buildings, parking lots, etc, with cash instead of bonding twice a year as in the past
  • Offered Voluntary Separation to eligible employees
  • Paid off approximately $50 million in debt
  • Paid for projects with cash which we were able to do with the debt service cash
  • Implemented county employee credit card usage policies. Prior to 2010 county leadership endorsed credit card usage without restraint. Since 2010, that practice is no longer permitted.

Implemented Internet Technology
Prioritized Public Safety

  • Implemented a nation-leading public safety data system so first responders can communicate more effectively and efficiently
  • Completed a certified forensic laboratory allowing for expedited processing of DNA so justice can be served for the victims in a timely manner.
  • Updated technology in our jail providing for greater security
  • Developing systems and tools to support our constituents – examples include automated “service kiosks” at our license centers, a new service kiosk that serves our veterans, and an online marriage application
  • Creating systems that promote and assist with public safety- such as application security features that allow our Deputies to get timely and secure access to data wherever and whenever they are
  • Expanding on mobile technology for “in the field workers” – eliminating the need to come to the office to prepare information or documents

 Prioritized Transparency

  • Improved transparency by posting meeting notices online , adding live streaming of county board meetings and giving public access to the budget using open gov application

Public Officials Guide