Early voting is in process at City Hall.  Vote for Robyn today!

Garrett Parten, former Chief of Operations, SBM Fire Dept. (Spring Lake Park – Blaine – Moundsview)
“I have lived in Blaine for 20 years. During that time, I served as a local pastor, as a volunteer on the SBM Fire Department and as the full time Chief of Operations, as a volunteer chaplain for police and fire, and with the Anoka County Public Safety Peer Counselors. I care deeply about my community, know both of the candidates running for Anoka County Commissioner, and overwhelmingly endorse Robyn West.  I support her faithful, continued service which has a proven track record of working with others to ensure an efficient government that seeks to support local businesses and communities.”

Tony Palumbo, Anoka County Attorney

“Robyn West is my commissioner. She serves the citizens of Anoka County District 3 with diligence and responsiveness. We have a strong partnership working with the issues that come before the county board. I am particularly happy with her collaboration on the new Public Safety Data System that works so well for us. I whole heartedly endorse Robyn West as she seeks re-election to the Anoka County Board.”

Speaker of the House, Kurt Daudt

“Anoka County, my neighbors to the south, has a great team on its county board. Robyn West was a needed asset when she arrived on the scene several years ago. I am looking forward to working with her on our common endeavor of efficient and limited government as she seeks re-election to the Anoka County Board.” Representative Kurt Daudt, Speaker, Minnesota House of Representatives.

Representative Tim Sanders
“The Anoka County Board needs the continued leadership of Robyn West as it tackles important issues involving efficient and transparent government, transportation, taxes and public safety.  Robyn has my strong support because she brings a commonsense approach to government that is critical to our county.” Representative Tim Sanders, Minnesota House of Representatives.

Jason King, Blaine City Councilman
“Anoka County needs County Commissioners who are committed to working for their constituents. Robyn West listens to residents and businesses in the community and works to resolve their concerns.  Robyn is an asset to Anoka County and has my support as she seeks re-election.”

Mike Bourke, Blaine City Councilman
“Anoka County is thriving because it has county commissioners who believe it must be attractive to business as well as to its residential communities. Robyn West has worked hard to balance the needs of all her constituents.  Join me as I support Robyn for re-election.”

Russ Herbst, Blaine City Councilman
“Robyn West has my support because she has shown herself to be a true watchdog for the citizens of Anoka.   She has a proven track record of working effectively with others.  This is a quality that is critical to efficient county government.”

Dave Clark, Blaine City Councilman
“When Robyn West was first elected to the Anoka County Board she promised to be a guardian of the taxpayers’ hard-earned money.  Not only has she kept that promise, but she has also been instrumental in ensuring that policies are put in place for the future. This is the kind of representative I want in country government.”

 Wes Hovland, Blaine City Councilman
“When Robyn West was first elected to the Anoka County Board she promised that she would work to streamline government and that transparency was an important part of that process.  I support Robyn because I have seen her deliver results. Her re-election is important to the future of Anoka County.”

Cindy Hansen, Mayor of City of Spring Lake Park
“We need a County Board made up of individuals who truly understand and reflect the views of the people they represent. Robyn West possesses those qualities and has demonstrated her ability to get results.  I support Robyn’s re-election and look forward to working with her on our common goals of efficient and effective government.”

Ken Wendling, Spring Lake Park City Councilman
“Robyn West has my support for re-election. She understands the role of government and the rights of individuals.  Robyn has a proven track record and has the qualities needed on the County Board. I look forward to working with her.”

Bob Nelson, Spring Lake Park City Councilman
“Robyn West brings a commonsense approach to government that is not often found in our representatives. She has demonstrated respect and understanding of her constituents’ concerns and is a true asset to county government.”

Gene Rafferty, resident of Spring Lake Park
“Robyn West understands the needs of the people of Spring Lake Park. Since meeting her, I have found her to be honest, accessible, and someone who I can count on.”

As you consider contributing to my 2016 re-election campaign to the Anoka County Board of Commissioners, know that during an election year the maximum donation from an individual or political fund may not exceed $600 (or $1200 per couple). Businesses are not allowed to donate. I am thankful for any contribution. If it is more than $100, it will be included in my campaign report, and needs to include the name of your employer and your occupation. Thank you to each of you who joins my team by contributing your hard earned dollars!