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History of the Turnback of 105th Avenue in Blaine.

There has been much discussion across the community about 105th Avenue and the status of its maintenance. Unfortunately a lot of mis-information is being distributed.

The fact is that 105th Avenue has been a city road maintained by the city of Blaine since 2014.  At that time, the City of Blaine was compensated $1.1 million by the County to “reclaim and overlay” the road, which covered well above the funds needed for necessary repairs.

The County gave the city of Blaine a check, not a bill, to repair this road. And the City is eligible to receive funds from the State from this project.

There is a very detailed explanation from Doug Fischer, County Road Engineer, from the Board of Commissioners Meeting on September 13, 2016.  You can see and hear these details by viewing the recording of this Board Meeting. This point of discussion is shown immediately from this link at

Or you can view the full Board meeting below. The 105th Ave. discussion starts at 30 minute, 32 second mark.